Stone splitting machine for stonemasons

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Main advantages

  • Maximum material usage and recycling
  • Undemanding in terms of required working area
  • Working while seated
  • Easy transport
  • Reliability and long service life

Small sized and low weight splitters designed to split trimmings from stone slab processing.

The smallest splitters from the GESTRA range of products, also suitable for splitting irregular stone up to 12 cm high. The design allows working while seated. You can use the splitter to produce strap facing walls and paving stones using cut stone slabs and irregular stone up to 10 × 10 cm in size.

We offer them together with a removable tool for puzzle splitting – for the shape splitting of thin slabs. With a removable tool and the opportunity to recycle and appreciate the waste, this splitter for stonemasons is a welcome addition to the GESTRA product range.

Its low weight allows it to be used in multiple sites in operation or on a construction site.