Layered stone splitting machine

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Main advantages

  • Variable setting of split layer thickness
  • Precision splitting
  • High performance compared to manual splitting
  • Easy control without the necessity of manually handling heavy stones
  • Reliability and long service life

Some types of horizontally layered rocks can be split from the side (horizontally). This mainly concerns gneiss, slate and sandstone.

Floating, atypically installed side knives help split layered stones into slabs. This exceptional design makes it possible to produce slabs of the desired thickness. Thickness of the slab is set by the operator as required. Splitters divide layered stones into slabs with great precision.

The splitter is equipped with a manipulator for continuous removal of the split slabs. Simple handling using the control panel is a matter of course. The splitter is positioned between the conveyors, behind which small splitters can be placed for further processing of the split slabs. A production line consists of such a set.

A typical feature of Gestra machines is that the splitters for layered stones also have a robust design that ensures long durability.