Gestra manipulators

Unique Gestra manipulators are an integral part of the splitter for producing both larger and smaller building stone blocks. For their handling power and kinematics they have no competition across the world. They minimize the need for manual handling of the stone and fundamentally facilitate and accelerate the splitting process. They allow for stones to be rotated, inverted, pushed forward, backward and sideways. You can place the stone in the exact position below the splitting tool.

The splitters that are equipped with manipulators achieve at least 2x higher performance compared to a single splitter.

We've been producing manipulators since 1996. The founder of Gestra, Mr. Bohumil Vašíček, is behind their design and development.

MK Manipulator

The MK Manipulator is an integral part of a building stone splitter. This type, along with the splitter and conveyor, is the most efficient and most desirable assembly for the production of smaller building stone blocks, which we call SLG1. MK manipulator is intuitively controlled by joysticks on the control panel and 2-3x increases the performance of the single splitter. It can handle stones up to a weight of 500 kg.

MO Manipulator

This type of rotary manipulator is used for large block splitters that are part of the SLP production line. Here they apply their great handling power. This type of manipulator is always used in a pair, in front of and behind the splitter. The manipulators help to turn the heavy stone blocks around their axes, pushing them sideways, backward and forward, and also inverting them.

MP Manipulator

The MP Manipulator can be found in automatic cut slab splitting lines. They grip the stone slab and move it with the utmost accuracy below the splitting tool according to the variables specified in the program.