Building stone splitting machines

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Main advantages

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Simple handling of processed stones
  • Precise splitting – of even long blocks
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple operation by just one operator
  • Option to modify the splitting machine parameters according to the type of your stone
  • Reliability and long service life

An ideal solution for the production of building stone and semi-finished products for splitting machines for the manufacture of paving stones and tiles. By combining a unique manipulator, an optimally long conveyor, and a splitter equipped with a special hydraulic system, you can achieve unbeatable production performance and significant reduction in operating costs.

The splitters are designed for the most efficient processing of regular or irregular stone. They process up to 50 tons per shift. A special hydraulic system with cooling unit used exclusively by Gestra supplies its splitters with the great power and ability to split even the hardest stones.

The MK manipulator, whose properties are without competition, ensures easier handling of semi-finished products. Floating knives, which adapt to the stone shape, help enhance the quality of the split surface. Conveyors with special chains are attached to the splitter table to descend jointly when splitting. This design allows splitting of long stones without the risk of damage to the table or conveyor and also enhances the quality of the split surface. Robust design guarantees long service life.

The splitter, manipulator and conveyor assembly form the fundamental section of the SLG+ paving stone splitting line.