Large stone blocks splitting machine

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Main advantages

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Simple handling of large blocks
  • Precision splitting
  • Low operating costs (handling by just one operator)
  • Automatic waste disposal
  • The possibility of changing the splitter parameters according to the type of your stone

Splitters with stunning power and performance. They can process over 100 tons of stone per shift. Robust design guarantees long service life. They process input blocks up to 2 m wide, 1.2 m high and a weight of almost 18 tons.

In addition to the regular processing of the quarried blocks for the purpose of splitting, they are used to process unused blocks that were originally quarried for cutting. Large stone splitters are placed in SLP splitting lines but can also be installed separately. The location of the splitter in the line allows easy handling of heavy stones. SLP splitting lines are delivered with conveyors and manipulators.

Highly durable conveyors capable of moving heavy blocks and other additional equipment ensure smooth running of the line. Unique rotary manipulators allow easy rotation, twisting, shifting and sorting of finished products. Easy handling of large stone blocks contributes to greater performance. Below the line there is a waste conveyor that continuously removes stone chips. It significantly reduces the time used for cleaning, and reduces the risk of injury and damage to the machine.

The splitter is equipped with a special hydraulic system. It gives the splitter a great deal of power and the ability to split blocks of very hard stone. The design of the floating frame allows tilting of the splitting tool up to 12°, which contributes, together with the adjusting knives to a higher quality of the split area.