Reliable and safe production while seated

Paving stone splitting machines

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Main advantages

Unbeatable performance
Working while seated
Precision splitting
Simple handling by just one operator
Option to adjust the splitting machine parameters according to the stone type
Low input power (up to 26% lower than 7.5 kW motor machines
Reliability and long service life

Speed, reliability, splitting power and ergonomics make them indispensable tools for the production of paving blocks of all sizes including mosaics and tiles. They achieve maximum performance at low operating costs. The organization of production significantly affects the amount of processed stone per shift.

They are also suitable for the treatment of waste from the production of building stone. The splitters have unbeatably long service life.

The combination of design, used hydraulics and components helps you obtain high-quality products. The special hydraulic system used exclusively by Gestra brings great power and ability to split even the hardest stones. Of course the equipment is fitted with floating knives, which adapt to the stone shape and help enhance the quality of the split surface.

The basic model of the paving stone splitter follows on from the Porsfeld splitters.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The splitters are designed for work while seated. Work while seated ensures easier stone handling and more thorough inspection when splitting the stone. This guarantees a higher quality of products. Lower operator fatigue contributes to increased occupational safety and work performance.

We will advise you on your project