Equipment for optimization of the splitting line


We offer containers for paving stones and finished products to be delivered together with the splitters. Easy quick-loader handling will greatly help you speed up loading and unloading.


We manufacture two types of pedestal. Pedestals with mounted hydraulic aggregates and pedestals for the operators of large stone block splitters.

Push-out units

For special needs, we produce push-out units – line shifters. They can be either electric or hydraulic, depending on the size of the stone. They are used to move it from one conveyor to another when a smoother transfer cannot be ensured.

Tipping tubs

Heavy-duty tipping tubs are intended for additional loading of stones in different locations of a production line. They allow the stones to be stocked for later use. The splitter operator fills the conveyor with stone as needed.


Slides of varying lengths and angles are produced with regard to the needs of the operation of production lines. Slides in the production line to help overcome the height difference between conveyors and slides under the splitters serve to remove waste. The largest slides are used behind stone block lines for the simple sorting of finished products

Cross tables

The special lifting equipment facilitates and accelerates the loading of finished products onto pallets. The operator is in the ideal position when handling the products and does not need to bend.


The practical design serves for the simple filling of big-bags with paving stones.

Spill plates

The selected conveyors are equipped with side plates of different inclination, height and length. They prevent the stones from falling off the conveyor during loading and transport.

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