Why to choose a GESTRA stone splitter?

What other manufacturers offer as special equipment we offer as standard.

Our goal is to produce MACHINERY that will increase performance while reducing costs in customer operation. One of the proofs is that GESTRA MANIPULATORS, due to their sophisticated construction, kinematics and handling power, have no other competition and significantly facilitate and accelerate the stone processing process.
Unique equipment
Unique equipment contributes to efficient production and long service life. The splitters are equipped with such a HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, which is developed and designed specifically for splitting stone. It is characterized by high power while maintaining the speed and ability to process hard rocks. It is exclusively used in GESTRA splitters.
Long durability
The sophisticated robust construction and quality components used guarantee long durability of GESTRA machines. The proof that we are serious about the machine durability is that we provide all the splitters with a COOLING UNIT. This extends durability of the hydraulic aggregate, which is the heart of the stone splitter.
Smart design
The optimal positioning of controls on splitters and on control panels enables efficient machine attendance. The ergonomics of the paving stone splitting machine allows, among other things,OPERATION AND MANUFACTURE WHILE SITTING, which contributes to greater safety, higher performance and better quality of finished products.

What can we help you produce?

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For how many years has the longest serving splitter been in operation?


How many tons of stone do large block splitters process per shift?